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Universal Car Laptop Holder

posted on 27 Feb 2011 20:42 by laptopcarmount
Easy assembly, lightweight and very flexible to use
Car Laptop Holder provides ultimate convenience when using a laptop in the car. The laptop holder is suitable for all cars. The easy installation makes it easy to hold the laptop in the car to be built. No need in most cases, no holes to drill in the car or the dashboard so ugly lesions omitted.
The technician who carried out direct transfers to the head office, the businessman who reports carry away in his car, professional driver who wants to pause a movie to watch, the representative who reads his e-mail orders and invoices directly.
All examples where the laptop has an important place in the mobile workplace. The car notebook case is a sturdy, lightweight, aluminum tripod that is very versatile and played in countless ways and can be set. So your laptop in the car always in the right position and set you can work comfortably. When the laptop holder is not required, it can easily be folded or even removed, so the space for passengers or luggage.
Specifications of the Car Laptop Holder
* Tripod material: aluminum tube with plastic attachments
* Plate material: aluminum with scratch resistant coating.
* Includes two Velcro straps for securing the laptop or netbook.
* Color: black / aluminum
* Mounting: Various brackets included for various seat assemblies, without drilling into upholstery or bodywork (See installation guide)
* Application: with tray: accommodates laptop up to 5 kg
* Without plateau: there can be mounted using a video-/fotocamera. standard (1 / 4 ") camera thread
* Mobility platform: 0-360 degrees around
* Head movement: around 0-360 degrees, 0-180 degrees up / down, 0-90 degrees sideways
* Weight: Tripod: Approx 1900 grams
* Total: approx 2800 grams (including packaging =)
* Platform dimensions: 32cm wide, 25cm deep with raised edge of 2cm at front
* Suitable for laptops up / down 15.6 inches
* Height adjustable from 65 about 95 cm.
* Maximum carrying weight is stationary: 8 kg
* Moving: 4 kg
* Scope of delivery: tripod, plate, mounting hardware (screws / brackets), installation guide

ความอเนกประสงค์ของขาตั้ง Multifunctional Laptop Holder

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ยึดกับขาตั้งกล้องสามขา(Tripod) ก็สามารถใช้เป็นขาตั้งโน้ตบุ๊กที่ใหนก็ได้ ไม่จำเป็นต้องอยู่ในรถ เช่นใช้วางโน้ตบุ๊กสำหรับนักดนตรี ร้องคาราโอเกะ หรือช่างภาพมืออาชีพที่ต้องใช้โน้ตบุ๊กในป่าหรือที่อื่นๆ ฯลฯ

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