Notebook Arm for Car

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Notebook Arm for Car
    *Quick releases for easy installation and removal.
    *4 knobs and 3 locks for 9-direction positioning.
    *Uses Velco straps to fastern laptop. Can hold max. 8"~16" laptops.
    *Includes hooks to fix the arm under the seat.
    *Can hold up to 10 KG of objects. If the angle of the knobs is correct, it can hold up to 20 KG.

     *The car laptop holder can be used as a desk, dining table, for digital and traditional cameras, video cameras DV and V8 or a small LCD screen.
     *It can be installed on any vehicle-car, truck, jeep, bus, etc.
     *Quick installation and removal. Can be folded flat for storage.
     *With superior stability and flexibility.
     *Can rotate 180 degrees upwrds & downwards and 360 degrees back and forth.
    *Laptops to be fastened to the tray with 2 Velcro straps; no glue or sticky tapes to be used. The tray has heat conductive ability to cool laptops.


Super light- made by aluminum
Stronger and stedy mountable arm

Quick removed from the car in 5 second

Ultra compact - folding design can be enfolded completely.



***Do not operate while vehicle is in motion.
***Attach closely to driver's side for stability.
***Fasten Laptop and knobs tightly.





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