Car Laptop Holder(Max.8"-16" Notebook)

posted on 29 Jan 2009 05:57 by laptopcarmount

A perfect solution for laptop computers in vehicles. Turn yours car into a vehicle office and cr entertainment space or work station in seconds!

Car Laptop Holder unique positioning technology puts your laptop and screen exactly where you need them. Work in undreamed of computing comfort from any car. Install in any car's front or back seat. Dramatically increase your mobile efficiency and comfort with Car Laptop Holder.

Mounting to most vehicles.
Quick removable accessories.
Flexibility multi-functions.

The tray is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Design for easy disassembly, and can be use as book stand, table, desk, etc.   By using 2 pieces of velcro belt 8"-16" laptop can be fixed tightly and securely.
In addition, the unique hollow design allows air-flow to cool warm surfaces.
Tray size:(L)320mm x (W)230mm

The entire aluminum alloy head with level gauge can keep equipment well-balanced, the upper layer tilts 90 degrees.

The quick release can adjust the lenght of stand and rotate the inner tube.
Sleekly designed with silver and black extension.

The unique  toot-lock joint holds steadfastly in any angle, The pedestal is designed for quick release and rapid assembly.

Mountable brackets can be intergrated with passenger seat and is compatible with most vehicles.

***Do not operate while vehicle is in motion.
***Attach closely to driver's side for stability.
***Fasten Laptop and knobs tightly.